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   Yano Anaya, AKA The Anayalator

True Story, Yano was a child actor. He’s most notably recognized for his role as the bully toady, “Grover Dill”, in the 1983 film A Christmas Story, but now he is known as the “Anti-bully”—he’s fully embraced his passion for inspiring a fit life transformation in others. When you get typecast as a bully, but you’re really a lovable teddy bear, it can lead you to eat your feelings and become obese. (We’d show you a picture of Yano, “the obese years,” but those have all been burned and sent to Hades). In shedding the weight and studying everything he could about fitness, Yano gained a unique insight into individual transformation versus the one size fits all approach. Since 2001, he has helped 100s of people with their own metamorphosis through personal training, fitness education, and nutritional consultation.


Favorite exercise:

The Deadlift!

Least favorite exercise:

Good Mornings! Who invented that villainous exercise?

Who’s Your Fitness Hero:

Bruce Lee. He was humble, intelligent, loving, masterful, and could kick your mutha fu….. a$$!

Guilty Indulgence:

Dark. Organic. Chocolate.

What is your secret superpower:

I have the survival capabilities of a cockroach.


My certifications include:


crewcorelogosmall The National Academy of Sport Medicine (NASM), COD (Certificate of Distinction as an Academic Instructor)

crewcorelogosmall NASM, CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)

crewcorelogosmall NASM, CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist)

crewcorelogosmall NASM, PES (Performance Enhancement Specialist)

crewcorelogosmall CFNS (Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist)

crewcorelogosmall PN1 (Precision Nutrition)

crewcorelogosmall FMS (Functional Movement Screen)

crewcorelogosmall Red Cord Active Advanced Corrective Exercise

crewcorelogosmall TRX Certified Group Fitness

crewcorelogosmall VIPR Certified Specialist


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