Our Nutrition Programs and Education Services feature a personalized approach that offers a variety of ways to improve your health and eating habits. When it comes to food, we know this can be a touchy subject. When you are ready to learn more about meal planning with healthier food choices, or if you are dieting for a competition, we are here to support you. Ask how our Certified Nutritionist or Registered Dietican can help you achieve extraordinary results! 


Our Genetic Testing is a scientific evidence-led program that identifies your unique genetic makeup and provides diet and exercise strategies that are tailored to your genotype. One-size-fits-all-diets, fad diets and guesswork are a thing of the past. Crew Core gets to the core of you (literately). We will provide you with the only diet and exercise recommendations you will ever need.

What to Expect: 

crewcorelogosmall Our Genetic testing uses your DNA to create your weight loss/increase Nutrition plan

crewcorelogosmall Analysis of 16 genetic traits related to your Nutrition and Exercise metabolism 

crewcorelogosmall Food recommendations, including macro-nutrient breakdown, caloric needs, and supplement suggestions

crewcorelogosmall Body Fat Testing

crewcorelogosmall 1 Initial 60 minute consult to review your Genetic Test results and 1-30 minute follow up 

crewcorelogosmall Optional consults with a nutrition coach to keep you on track 

crewcorelogosmall Accountability is THE most important factor when it comes to weight loss success! 


The In-Body body fat analyzer is administered by our Crew Core staff and available to all members. This state of the art piece of equipment is used in the medical field. We feel that our members should receive the best somatic information possible so we can advise them correctly, intelligently and accurately on the best possible path to obtain their fitness, nutrition and wellness goals. These services are included in all Crew Core memberships.

What to Expect: 

crewcorelogosmall Education

crewcorelogosmall 3-minute Process

crewcorelogosmall 15-minute Results Consultation

crewcorelogosmall Review any Health Risk Factors

crewcorelogosmall Review any Healthy/Unhealthy Visceral Fat Content

crewcorelogosmall Discuss Exercise and Nutrition Options

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