"Yano Anaya has taught me so much about fitness and nutrition. I have worked out all of my life and have always tried to eat healthy, never getting results that made me happy. I struggled trying to get in shape for years. Since Yano has trained me in fitness and nutritional aspects of becoming a healthier person, I have lost 60 pounds of fat and have maintained and gained more lean muscle. Since the Atlanta Personal Training Program, I have learned being healthy and fit is a lifestyle change and can be maintained within set guidelines, As a student, I was put through intense training with classes ranging from Chemistry to Anatomy and was placed in an internship at Concourse Athletic Club to train clientele and apply all of the things Yano taught me about fitness and nutrition. I am now a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist. It has been almost a year since I went through his program and he has remained active in mentoring and assisting in any way to help me to become successful."
 Lorrie Hunter Roberts
Lorrie Hunter Roberts , NASM, CPT, FNS, 2015

"When I think of Yano, the first word that comes to mind is “genuine”.When we first met, I had bigger obstacles to deal with than learning the ins and outs of the fitness industry, and before we even got a chance to learn each other’s last names, he stepped out of his role as an instructor and Director of the Atlanta School of Massage Personal Trainer Program and into the role of a friend.He’s taken me from a guy who just liked to work out to a true fitness professional, confident in my ability to go out and impact the lives of others through the pursuit of a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. His knowledge of the fitness industry and how to thrive in it is second to none, and if he wasn’t such a busy guy, I’d be twisting his arm to take me on as a mentee.If you are considering a career in fitness, trust me when I say that there are 4 things that you’ll need to develop in order to be successful in this field: technical expertise, an understanding of customer service, the ability to put your best foot forward and sell yourself, and the vision and courage to separate yourself as a Fit Pro from the rest of the trainers espousing “Bro Science”.To that end, if you have the opportunity to learn from one of the best doing it, you can’t go wrong with Yano.He’s the genuine article."
 Roy Brooks
Roy Brooks , NASM, CPT, FNS, 2016

"Having the opportunity to study under the tutelage of Mr. Yano Anaya has not only been one of the best experiences of my career, but personally as well. His passion for the fitness and wellness industry is demonstrated in the time he invests in each and every individual and their ability to succeed. You will be held accountable and pushed to your very best. His passion comes second only to his knowledge! (The man is a walking encyclopedia of information). Tips and tricks that would take one years of trial and error in the industry were passed along generously. The growth that was fostered as a fitness trainer and as a person is immeasurable and I will forever be grateful. Thank you, Yano Anaya!"
, NASM, CPT, FNS, LMT, 2014

"For the short six months of time I spent with Yano Anaya, he gave me knowledge and experiences that I can use for the rest of my life. Because of a ruptured Achilles tendon, I am now a former Olympic Athlete. During my healing process, I decided to go to school for personal training, and Yano was one of my instructors. In that time, I’ve learned ways to push my body to its limits, safely. Yano is professional, articulate, kind, and most of all, respectful. Yano tries his best to help his students understand the human body inside and out. He is, by far, one of my favorite instructors in my life. I will be using his teachings for years to come."
, NASM CPT, FNS, 2016

"Inspiring, creative, and knowledgeable, these are the first word that come to my mind when I think about my experience with Yano Anaya. Yano takes an approach to physical training and the human body that makes you think outside of the box. He has the ability to create programs that are unique and fun while still being functional. Besides being a great trainer and mentor, Yano genuinely cares about all of his students and clients. Years after completing the Atlanta Personal Training Program, I know I can still contact Yano with any questions. If you are looking for a coach that will push you to be the best version of yourself, then Yano Anaya is the right choice."
, NAMS, CPT, FNS, 2014

"I have known Yano since 2013; we met when I attended the Atlanta Personal Training Program. Yano has such great passion for what he does as an Instructor and a Director, he can truly inspire everyone around him to pursue the best they can be and has an extremely contagious positive energy. He is also very responsible professionally and a great leader. He genuinely cares about his students, colleagues, and friends and is always willing to go the extra mile to provide you with the tools necessary for success."
, NASM, CPT, FNS, 2013

"I will always remember the first day I stepped in to the class–I was lost. I could not fully read or write in English because I never went to school in this country. But, I love fitness and I always wanted to become a personal trainer. This man, Yano Anaya, changed my life. Step by step, he walked me through the whole process of becoming a fitness professional. He was there for me and very supportive. As an instructor, he not only taught me, but he also shared his passion for what he does. Yano made me feel like I was not alone in my journey–the way he always cared about everybody in class, his compassion, makes me cry with joy. Now, I am a fitness professional with a lot knowledge! My dream has come true. Thank you so much, Yano!"
 Thi Le
Thi Le ,NASM CPT, FNS, Extreme Kettlebell Specialist, 2014

"I met Yano on my first day touring the Atlanta School of Massage campus. He was on his way to lunch but stopped long enough to sincerely shake my hand and tell me a little about the personal training program. I started calling him “Master Yano” because of his extensive knowledge of fitness, nutrition, and life lessons in general. One of the most important lessons he taught me was that it’s not my job as a trainer to set a standard and hold someone to it, but to set a standard, walk down to the their level, and climb to the higher level with them. That lesson has helped me in the gym and in everyday life.While making it through the personal training program, I became a father and had to adjust to it quickly; Yano was there to listen to my thoughts and questions. I went through serious depression from work and home situations, and his door was always open for me to come and talk. In life you meet people that are meant to have a major impact on your life and because a positive turning point on the path you’re walking, I can honestly say that Yano is a major factor in what I am now and what I’m continuing to become. On 1000 Fitness, because we care about your results!"
 Joe Lopez
Joe Lopez , NASM, CPT, FNS, 2015

"Yano was my teacher for my NASM CPT Certification course. This year will mark 3 years that Yano and I have known each other. There isn’t a time that I can recall Yano being late for anything. In fact I believe he was always the first to arrive at any event that we had planned for the class. As a teacher, he is always prepared and enthusiastic. He is a very knowledgeable person who will not hesitate to share his experiences and passionately guide his students. He is very resourceful and he will go out of his way to help you achieve success in any way he can. Yano is honest, trustworthy, resourceful and passionate about his work as a teacher and a personal trainer. He will be very successful in whatever he chooses to do in the future. He will always be my mentor and someone I rely on."
 -Hong - Nhung Luu Nguyen
-Hong - Nhung Luu Nguyen , NASM CPT, FNS 2014

"Yano Anaya is more than just a great mentor, a great teacher and a great Personal Trainer. He’s a great human being! Always helping any way he can if you have a problem and willing to go above and beyond what his job description says. A shining pillar of the Fitness world and honestly one of the most intelligent people I’ve never met in my 31 years of life. Not saying he’s perfect, no one is. However, this world would be a better place if there were more Yano Anayas in it!"
 Kellyn Henderson
Kellyn Henderson , NASM, CPT, FNS, 2016

"What can I say about Yano? When I first met Yano and spoke to him about the PTP Program at ASM, I was terrified! After talking for a while about goals and aspirations, I was convinced that this was the program for me! On my first day of class, still terrified, I knew that not only was he going to be the greatest teacher I’ve ever had, but also a very close friend. Yano is kind, caring, and compassionate. I know that I can always count on him! If I need advice or just want to grab some coffee and catch up, he is always there. I couldn’t ask for a better mentor."
 Tess Lyles
Tess Lyles , NASM CPT, FNS, 2014

"There are few people I’ve met that made significant changes in my life, Yano is one of those people. Everything I’ve done so far in the health and fitness field, I owe to Yano. His program was unlike any other school that I’ve been to. We learned the business side of training, about Anatomy, Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology, exercise programming and worked with real clients in a professional setting and really helped people. It was a life changing experience. When I left, I was prepared on all sides of being a Personal Trainer and new man. Yano was not only my teacher, he also became a mentor to me and I leaned on him for advice in the fitness field and in my personal life. He was always there for me. His passion and commitment for teaching made all the hard work well worth it. Yano has made me a better man and I am forever thankful and very blessed to have him in my life. Thanks and much love big bredda!"
 Stevyn Carmona
Stevyn Carmona , NASM, CPT, FNS, 2014

"Working with Yano is inspirational. I have two voices in the back of my mind when I resistance train—a negative one and a positive one. One voice tells me “I can’t, don’t do it, it’s too dangerous, you will fail” while the other tells me “I can do anything, I’ve got this, just try it, face it head on you can do this, you are a winner”. Yano teams up with the positive voice and pushes me beyond my mental limits. I trust him and know that he won’t let me fail. He pushes my training to its physical limits, and then pulls me back just before I go beyond those limits. He is confident, so I am confident, despite how my previous schooling has led me to be a very cynical and skeptical student. To train how he and I train takes trust and confidence, and he provides both. He also doesn’t accept excuses. He provides structure and focus. Through him, I will reach my greatest athletic potential. I’m fortunate to have him as a coach. Follow Preciosa Bell on Facebook and Instagram"
 Preciosa Bell
Preciosa Bell , WBFF PRO, NASM, CPT, FNS, Senior Specialist, 2014

"I first met Yano in 2013 at Atlanta School of Massage when I was completing the massage therapy program. At that time, I asked him some questions about Fitness and Nutrition. I was very impressed with his response and how educated he was. Since then, he has stayed in touch with me and encouraged me to finally enroll into the Personal Training Program in January of 2016. From the first time I met Yano I knew he was committed to his profession. His enthusiasm and dedication always encouraged and inspired me to do the best I could do. He always took the necessary time to show me the things that matter the most. For example: paying attention to detail and the importance of developing good work habits and work relationships. He showed me the importance of proper exercise techniques and routines. I consider him a mentor because his teaching went beyond the scope of the classroom. I am honored that Yano showed an interest in me and encouraged me to pursue the career of my dreams. He is my role model, and I strive to be more like him!"
 Ande Price
Ande Price , NASM, CPT, FNS, 2016

"When I was a student in Yano’s class, I was astounded by how knowledgeable he was on subjects regarding health and wellness. What truly amazed me was Yano’s delivery. He explained the course in a way that was empowering and exciting. He was someone who you would gravitate to. I wanted to know more about what he was teaching, and I aspire to be like him. The foundations of my success as a personal trainer, lifter and student, all began with Yano Anaya."
 Max Bohling
Max Bohling

"Yano Anaya is by far one of the most influential people I have ever met in my life thus far. As a teacher, a friend, a leader, he really has a way of bringing the best out of you. I always felt like he genuinely cared about my progress and I was encouraged to challenge myself and stop procrastinating. Even after graduation, the lessons and guidance I had acquired from Yano is carried with me and helps me to face life. It is an honor to have such wise friend in my circle."
 Antonio Dorsey
Antonio Dorsey

"I was convinced I had it all figured out, until I became Yano Anaya’s student. When we met, I already had 14 years of weight training experience under my belt and I had competed in everything from college athletics to bodybuilding. It was a great foundation of knowledge and experience, but it needed refinement. Working with Yano not only refined my understanding of my craft, but shaped my thought process in a way that gave me the utmost confidence to excel and succeed. Personal Training is my craft, and it requires knowledge, social skills, confidence, patience and focus. These five essential skills translate into every aspiration of success and Yano delivered on all accounts. I can truly say that I am better at everything I do today, because of my experience with Yano Anaya as a mentor, teacher, instructor, and friend."
 Mick Stuber
Mick Stuber

"I have really enjoyed using the knowledge I obtained as a direct result of learning from Yano. He’s opened my mind and allowed me to develop a proven way to ensure a healthy lifestyle! Thanks Yano."
, NASM CPT, FNS 2013

"Yano is a great instructor. His passion and knowledge for this profession is like no other. Simply put, he is an awesome human being. It’s rare that you find people that are willing to go above beyond for you like he does. And not just for me but for everybody! What he’s done for me has been life changing, and I’m forever grateful. Thank you for everything, Yano!!"
 Reggie Duncan
Reggie Duncan , NASM CPT, FNS 2015

"There are many individuals that make up our society. Times have really changed in many ways, unfortunately, not for the better. This makes good people very hard to meet. Yano is a very rare individual. He is extremely knowledgeable in the field of personal training, extremely professional, but even more important, he is a humanitarian. Yano taught me everything about fitness and also a lot about myself. He helped me transform, because of him physical fitness and psychological wellness is a way of life for me. Yano is a great teacher and friend and I am both happy and honored to have met him."
 James Wilson
James Wilson , NASM CPT, FNS, 2015

"I first made contact with Yano a few years back in 2012. I was hungry with no food and he fed me. That was the first time that I discovered his compassion. Since then, Yano has been a true inspiration to me and my career path. He inspires me and makes me aspire to be the strongest, smartest version of myself. His loyalty to both his profession and private life is inspiring. Most of all, Yano is intelligent and dedicaded. His wisdom will call for you to be at your best while in his presence. Without saying a word, Yano’s energy is always felt. He commands respect with his knowledge and compassion for the human body. He is truly a gift to the world."
 Christopher Hall
Christopher Hall

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